Making Things Smaller

The hardware for our first prototype consists of three equal-sized pieces. Here is one of them:

Heart Rate PCB

Shown adjacent is a Thai 1 baht coin – about the size of a US penny.

Electronics start out big, but we’re heading towards small – as light and sleek on your wrist as possible. Last time we posted some electronics it consisted of wires and components and knobs and leads, and the concoction made one of the desks in our office look like it was being used to build a bomb. The next several steps in prototype development consist of PCBs – printed circuit boards onto which we solder tiny components. That’s what’s shown above – this part contains the heart rate sensor, amplification circuit and some other bits.

Already our prototype is small enough that we can strap it onto the wrist and start testing and gathering data, which we’re all pretty excited about here. As we finalize and optimize the hardware, we can make it successively smaller until, in nearly unrecognizable form, we can squeeze it into a watch. And then you, too, can put it on your wrist.

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