Hyderabad – An Introduction

So, we begin our Indian operations in Hyderabad. It has occurred to us that many people don’t know where Hyderabad is (it’s here) or what it is like. This video made by Tharun Bhascker, a local resident film-maker, sums the city up with a beautiful medley of moving images:

Hyderabad is known as a major IT and biotech hub. But the city is also one of the most unique places in India, as it combines the best of the north and south India, the Hindu and Muslim India, and the new and old India. Its unique identity is that it doesn’t have any one identity, but contains multitudes. There isn’t a better way to explain it; there is only one wonderful way to experience it, and that is by visiting this 500 year old city.

Let us know if you’re in town.

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